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We give small companies big buying power.

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At VoIP Australia, we believe that size shouldn't determine your ability to compete on price. That's why we offer a wholesale voice carrier service that gives small companies the buying power of big ones. With our service, you can terminate an enormous amount of Wholesale VoIP minutes a year and enjoy the industry's most competitive rate.

Consolidate your buying process, protect your margins, and level the playing field with VoIP Australia. Give your business the boost it needs - contact our sales director today to start your new journey!

SIP Trunking

Instant setup and No contract SIP Trunking.

Wholesale Termination

Our network has five 9’s Redundancy wordwide.

Wholesale Origination

Australian and Domestic Numbers.

VoIP Consultancy

20+ Years of Telecommunications experience.

Leading Technology

We use the latest technology delivering high quality voice services.


Unlimited Calls Per Second and SIP Trunking Channels with ZERO additional costs.


Get connected: 0862756666
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